full liability cover

Full liability cover on furniture removals

Have you considered Full Liability Cover on your valued possessions? Transporting household effects has inherent risks. Therefore, we recommend that you arrange adequate insurance cover while your consignment is in transit. We can arrange liability cover according to your individual needs through our brokers. Please note, our liability cover is amongst the most affordable and comprehensive in the industry. If you wish to arrange your own cover, please compare your rates to ours before making your decision.

Insurance is, to many, a difficult process surrounded by a lot of red tape and complicated systems. Familiarise yourself with the following procedures:

  • Assess the replacement value of the items being removed.
  • Complete a liability cover application form (which can be obtained from us).
  • Look out for specified exclusions in the document and make sure that you fully understand the liability cover.
  • Ensure that your cover is validated by paying the premium promptly on the day of accepting our quotation.
  • Request an insurance certificate when you pay the premiums.

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